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Roots and Reef

Roots and Reef made its debut in December 2009, and focuses on providing environmental information to Belize communities. Roots and Reef will be published quarterly and will be distributed through local businesses.  The newsletter will also be available on-line on this site, and by email.  (Contact us to sign up for the paper.)

EIA/ECP Reviews and Analyses

PCSD routinely reviews and comments on environmental impact assessments (EIAs) for proposed developments in southern Belize (not just for the Placencia Peninsula).  PCSD publishes its comments on-line and also contacts other organizations and individuals who may have an interest in a proposed development.

PCSD also reviews all environmental compliance plans (ECPs) for approved developments and makes those ECPs available on-line so that local residents have assess to them and can report violations. 

EIAs and ECPs can be found on the pages for each project in our Developments section.

Placencia Village Composting and Recycling Program

PCSD is helping the Placencia Village Council put together a residential composting program and a composting and recycling program for hotel, restaurant, grocery stores and vegetable vendors in Placencia Village.  The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of garbage that is deposited in the Peninsula dump, reduce litter and the carbon footprint of the Village.

Coalition to Save
Our Natural Heritage

PCSD is a founding member of the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, a nationwide Belize coalition fighting against oil drilling and oil exploration in Belize's coastal waters.

Grand Slam Alliance

Along with Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development and the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, PCSD is a member of the Grand Slam Alliance, an organization dedicated to preservation of fish habitat, including mangrove, seagrass and coral reef environments.

Protected Status for the Placencia Lagoon

The Placencia Lagoon is the nursery for much of the marine life found in the Caribbean, including rays, fish, manatee and dolphins.  Unfortunately, development, dredging, over-fishing, agricultural run-off, shrimp farm effluent and sewage have degraded the Lagoon, leading to loss of much of its seagrass beds, water quality degredation and concommitant loss of marine life. 

PCSD and the Vernon Consultancy are spearheading this effort and are working with other local organizations such as the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, the Placencia and Seine Bight Village Councils, the Placencia Tour Guide and Tour Operators Association and the Placencia Fishing Cooperative to lobby the government to legislate protected status for the Placencia Lagoon.

Peninsula 20/20

Peninsula 20/20 is a collective effort by individuals and groups on the Placencia Peninsula to define what we want instead of always being forced to say what we don't want -- to be proactive instead of reactive. 

With funding from the World Wildlife Fund, and with the Placencia chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association at the helm, PCSD, the Placencia and Seine Bight Village Councils, the Placencia Tour Guide and Tour Operators Association and the Placencia Fishing Cooperative hired two Belize consultants to meet with focus groups, conduct formal surveys and hold community meetings to define a shared vision for the Peninsula.  Work should be completed in October 2011, and a document setting out the results of this initiative should be available in November 2011.

Mangrove Restoration

PCSD organizes and conducts mangrove replanting  in the Placencia Lagoon by local school groups.

 Beach Watch

Beach erosion on the Peninsula has become a major concern, particularly in Seine Bight and areas north of Seine Bight.  PCSD volunteers are measuring beaches once a month from the Riversdale/ Plantation area south to the southernmost point of the Peninsula to record the size of beaches along the Peninsula to establish a one-year baseline.  Monthly monitoring and beach measurement will continue after the baseline is established to document erosion and attempt to establish causes of the erosion.

Lagoon Familiarization Tours

PCSD Program Coordinator, Adrian Vernon, conducts Placencia Lagoon Familiarization Tours for local developers, real estate agents and government/agency officials to acquaint them with Lagoon ecology and why the health of Lagoon is so essential to Placencia Peninsula communities.  The tours also help sensitize individuals to issues regarding mangrove clearance, the importance of healthy sea grass, water pollution and dredging.

PCSD Office and Staff

PCSD's office in Placencia Village functions as a resource center for information about environmental issues.  The office also provides assistance to local organizations with research, water quality monitoring, program organization and follow-up.  Adrian Vernon, PCSD's Program Coordinator, staffs the office on a part-time basis.  Adrian is from Placencia and has extensive knowledge of Placencia plants and eco-systems.  PCSD most recently assisted the University of Belize with a Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Peninsula. 


Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development

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