Environmental Threats
and Challenges

DredgerMany threats and challenges face the Placencia Peninsula, and working through how best to deal with them has been difficult for residents and visitors alike.

For example, tourism brings jobs and money into the area, but tourism is also responsible for many of the Peninsula's biggest problems - dredging, sewage, garbage, water, water pollution and loss of wildlife habitat.

Fisherman in Sapodilla CayesLikewise, both Placencia and Seine Bight Villages were traditionally both fishing villages, with the Placencia Fishermen's Cooperative formerly one of the largest and wealthiest cooperatives in the entire country.  Now, however, few people can earn a decent livelihood from just fishing or diving for conch or lobster alone, but must supplement their income in other ways - most often through guiding - fishing, snorkeling, and diving. 

The links to provided to the left explore the issues and challenges facing the Peninsula and the communities' efforts to deal with them.

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